VoIP, or Voice-over-IP, is a brilliant tool for businesses of all sizes in all industries. Replacing your traditional telecommunications system with a VoIP alternative could save you money and improve your day-to-day operations. But exactly what is a VoIP phone system, and how can it benefit your small business?

What is VoIP Phone System?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which is a system that allows you to make telephone calls over the internet. It works by taking your voice, converting it into data, and sending it to the other person via your broadband connection. Once it reaches the other end, the data is changed back into your voice again.

What Equipment do I Need?

The best news about taking the plunge with a VoIP system is that you don’t need any costly equipment. You’ve almost certainly already got a reliable broadband service and a laptop. The only other thing you need is the VOIP service from your provider, and you’re set!

How Can a VOIP Phone System Help my Small Business?

Choosing to switch your business landline for a VoIP system is a great idea for a variety of reasons:

It’s More Cost Effective

If you’ve got a small business, you’ll know the importance of cutting costs wherever you can. With a VOIP phone system, you’re only paying for the service and your broadband. Any software or hardware you might need to set up will be included in your package. Calls with a VOIP phone system are often free, or much cheaper than those made on a landline or mobile.

A VOIP Phone System is Portable

The portability means it’s ideal for people with remote teams, or anyone who travels for work a lot. As long as there’s an internet connection, you and your staff will be able to make and receive calls. Your staff will be able to connect with you, your customers and each other, wherever they are in the world.

It’s also beneficial as your business grows and thrives; you can move offices or business premises without having to change your telephone number.

It’s Reliable

A small business relies on being constantly connected and available to their customers, which is why a VOIP service beats a landline hands down, every time. Even if your broadband connection goes down, VoIP can work over a mobile network. Calls can be forwarded to mobile devices, and you won’t lose touch with your customers.

There’s also the added bonus that the quality of calls made over a VOIP system are usually excellent. A common misconception is that the line is often filled with interference, but actually the opposite is true. Voice calls are crystal clear, meaning your customers won’t have to keep repeating themselves!

There Are Plenty of Great Features

Small businesses need multi-functional technology which ticks a lot of boxes. Streamlining operations not only helps to cut costs, it also increases the efficiency of your company and the productivity of your staff.

VOIP phone systems are packed with added extras that you can use to improve your business operations. Conference calling, call-queueing, caller ID, contact lists and voicemail are all commonly provided with a VoIP service. You can also choose to have multiple landline numbers, meaning every member of staff can have their own direct dial.

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