In the modern age, it has never been more important to stay connected when on the move. With flexible working options, higher volume of competitors, more demanding customers, and an ever-increasing level of expectation placed on customer service, it has never been more crucial to be connected whilst out and about, away from your desk. The good news is that it’s also never been easier and, with Unite Telecoms Lite app, it’s now even easier still.

In recent years, flexible working has continued to become more and more of a hot topic with many more businesses switching over to this model of working. In 2018, The FT reported that 89% of UK workers surveyed would argue that flexible working would increase their productivity. This belief seems to be shared by a significant proportion of the wider workforce too as many employers are lowering their overhead costs by opting away from having centralised offices, in favour of staff working from home or having smaller, optional work hubs. Of course, with more people having high-speed internet connections in their homes plus everyone owning a smart phone these days, productivity does indeed not need to be hampered by this rise in flexible working options.

For small business owners, productivity is the vital ingredient which defines a company as being successful or not, particularly in the early days. It’s crucial for small businesses to be reaching their customers and, as well, for their customers be able to reach them too. The owners of such businesses can often find themselves being pulled in a myriad of directions: customer meetings, staff overseeing, administrative tasks, and their own personal and family lives can often mean that communication becomes difficult and it is easy to miss calls or emails when on the go. Unite Telecoms’ Lite app ensures that communication issues are eased tremendously by enabling you to stay connected and plugged in to your business’ hub at all times and from anywhere you need to be. 

Using Unite Telecoms Lite app is proven to increase your small business’ productivity when on the go. Their whole system is cloud-based, unlike traditional means of telecoms which tie you to a location. The Lite app enables you to be reached and to reach out wherever you are. As a small business owner, Unite Telecoms knows that you might be in the office one day, visiting clients all over the country another day, and attending your child’s Sports Day on another: no matter where you are or what you are doing, the ability to be reached by your customers is paramount to your business’ success. The Lite app is designed with flexibility of movement in mind: you can receive and make landline calls via it, as well as receive and make video calls; use the call recording, call history, and call forwarding and waiting facilities, meaning that the tools that enable you to be productive whilst sat at your desk are also now available to you wherever and whenever you need them. uses 'cookies' to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By continuing to use our website, you’re agreeing to our use of cookies. If you would like to, you can change your cookie settings at any time. Privacy Policy