Why partner with Unite Telecoms?

You recommend our services to your existing customers, and we take care of the rest: from selling, provisioning and billing your customers to provide you with real-time earnings reports.

Designed to provide anyone with small-business clients, a lucrative and recurring revenue; our partners regard it as their second business but without any of the day-to-day hassle or risk of actually running another business.

Our award-winning products and services are market-leading across the VoIP community, handing over full control to the customer.

How much is the recurring revenue share?

We have tried to make our commission structure as simple and fair as possible.

At 20% of monthly revenue, we pay the highest commission in the industry. Best of all, there is no fixed term – it’s forever – which means that if we bill, you earn. If your customer adds more VoIP seats, you earn more – all without doing anything. That’s what we call a true partnership, with 100% transparency.

Are there any risks?

The greatest risk in this industry is that you end up partnering with the wrong provider. Firms that don’t pay out or delay payment and/or use legal jargon to cover up nasty surprises.

At Unite Telecoms we safeguard against these risks by making our terms of business very transparent and partner-friendly to give you all the assurances and trust you need.

If at any time you wish to cash in on your earnings, you can even opt for a one-off lump sum payment in lieu of six months’ worth of revenue.

What next?

We are committed to supporting our partners every step of the way so we will place your logo and contact information on our website so that you can generate hot leads effortlessly!

We will be there whenever and wherever you need our help.

If you choose to partner with us we want to pay you fair share month to month so that you are incentivised to bring us more and more of your referrals. Our goal is to have you build a healthy recurring revenue without experiencing any of the hassles of actually having to provide the service.

4 Million small businesses
must switch to VoIP by 2022.

Unite Telecoms Small Biz VoIP
business is growing at 200% per year.

Earn 20% ongoing commissions,
uncapped & forever.

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