Our old phone system simply wasn’t up to scratch. I had no idea of what team members were doing on their calls and didn’t even have basic features like a contacts list to enable speed dial or put customers on hold so they’d get background noise if I needed to go and check something. There was no remote working options and my supplier wasn’t able to help when I had problems. Tim and the team at Unite Telecoms had the solution – VoIP. With their system I can now answer calls on the go, hold calls, transfer calls and easily pick a contact from my directory to call. I even have the option to record a call if needed.

Being able to function and run my business on the go has been a god-send and having control over my system is fantastic which has led to increase in productivity and revenue.

The Unite team have been there every step of the way, nothing seems too much trouble for them.

Fernando CEO Urbaser

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