If you’re looking for a budget-friendly, effective way to help your small business, VOIP could be the answer. Although they might seem complicated, voice-over IP systems are super easy to get to grips with. 

Choosing to ditch your landline for a mobile internet telephony system is one of the best business decisions you’ll make. There are so many benefits; it’s cost effective and reliable, and packed with a host of great multi-functional features. Here at Unite Small Biz we think CallSwitch, our unique VoIP software, is the best around. Read on to find out more!

What is CallSwitch?

CallSwitch is our specialist VoIP software, and once installed, it’ll allow you to make voice and video calls over the internet. It also comes with a host of great features, which will allow you to streamline your business services, save money and level up your customer service.  

The real beauty of CallSwitch lies in the simplicity. Once you made those all-important package decisions, we’ll get you connected quickly, and talk you through everything you need to know. There’s no lengthy setup, no difficult hardware, and no hidden costs.

How can CallSwitch help your small business?

CallSwitch has so many great features that can help your small business flourish. From boosting productivity and cutting costs to connecting your team, the list is endless.

Hot desking, instant messaging and conference calling

The great productivity features of CallSwitch will help to connect your team, boost revenue and revolutionise the way you work.

Hot desking allows users to switch desks in a shared office environment, and the instant messaging feature will allow teams to stay in contact wherever they are. The conference calling feature allows multiple users to connect to the same call – both internally and externally. It’s never been easier to brainstorm within the team and then present ideas to customers and clients!

Next-level customer service features

Your business relies on happy, satisfied customers – and Voecall can certainly help with that. Our software can be fully integrated with whichever customer relationship management (CRM) system you might already be using, giving you instant access to caller details as soon as the telephone rings. No more scrabbling for important details, such as names and addresses – you can simply be preparing to deal with the query before your client has even said hello!

Additionally, CallSwitch comes with auto attendant and call queuing features, which means you can deal with calls efficiently, and say goodbye to lost callers that have been placed on hold.  What could help your small business more than a more efficient customer service system?

Cost-effectiveness is key

The mobility of CallSwitch means that you can say goodbye to separate landline and mobile contracts, and combine them into one simple package. By downloading and signing into the app, you and your staff can make calls from wherever you are on your own devices – as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

The other beauty of calls made over an internet connection is that there are no hidden costs. When you sign up for CallSwitch, you’ll agree a package price – and everything will be included.

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